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Heritage Women's Premium Black Heated Soft Shell Heated Jacket with 12V Battery

  • Why Choose Our Heated Jacket?
  • BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE FEELING COLD –rest assured that the 3 heating zones will cover your whole upper body and allow you to feel warm, soothed, and protected
  • BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO WORK OUTDOORS –our heavy-duty heated coat will keep you warm for your 8-hour shift thanks to its huge 12v batter –which is included in the price!
  • BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOUR WOMAN –spoil your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother or granddaughter with our protective heating jacket for women now!
  • Need More Reasons?
  • Powerful 12V Portable Batter That Doubles As A Power Bank
  • Adjustable Thermostat With 3 Settings
  • Breathable & Soft Fabric For Maximum Comfort
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Don’t Leave Home Without Your Heated Jacket! Presenting The Ultimate Women’s Heated Jacket By Heritage!M If you like riding your bike but don’t like all those bulky padded jackets. If you like going on hiking trips in December but don’t like wearing multiple layers. If you are a construction worker and want to keep your body warm during your 8-hour shift. This is for YOU! Now you don’t have to wear multiple layers of sweaters and vests in order to protect your chest, upper back, or mid-back from the freezing temperatures and icy winds. All you have to do is wear your lightweight, soft and comfortable women’s heat jacket and that’s it!

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