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Heritage Women's Premium...
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  • Why Choose Our Heated Jacket?
  • BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE FEELING COLD –rest assured that the 3 heating zones will cover your whole upper body and allow you to feel warm, soothed, and protected
  • BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO WORK OUTDOORS –our heavy-duty heated coat will keep you warm for your 8-hour shift thanks to its huge 12v batter –which is included in the price!
  • BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOUR WOMAN –spoil your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother or granddaughter with our protective heating jacket for women now!
  • Need More Reasons?
  • Powerful 12V Portable Batter That Doubles As A Power Bank
  • Adjustable Thermostat With 3 Settings
  • Breathable & Soft Fabric For Maximum Comfort
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